This thought holds true by the playing of Sarangi through Sarwar Hussain, who has the power to reach the people. He is one of the most accomplished and promising musicians of the younger generation of Sarangi exponents in India.

His musical heritage comes from a long line of distinguished Sarangi exponents from Gohad.

His ancestry can be traced back six generations to Ustad Fazal Khan, father of Ustad Ghansi Khan, famous for his mastery of the intricate Tappa Style. Ustad Ghansi Khan taught his sons who included Ustad Chhuttu Khan, Ustad Garru Khan and Ustad Uday Khan, who were the father and paternal uncles and the gurus [teachers] of Padmashree Ustad Abdul Latif Khan, Sarwar’s eminent grandfather and guru [teacher].